December 24th, 2003

bitch please


Herbert (herbert_west), thus far, has been fun to play. I didn't mean for him to be so... campy? Well, humorous anyway. But he is and it's fun. I like the idea of him doodling pontificating in the margins of his all-important notes. He's been searching out other "scientists" ... I think it'd be interesting to see how he and Watari interact but, you know... that's just me.

<--- No life.

<--- Too involved in fandom.

I'm comfortable with who I am. Oh, and I also have the Thin Man for shuuure. So the_thinman to come, shortly.

Sybil: "Have you been upsetting people?"
Vimes: "I think I may let people upset themselves."
Sybil: "Good for you. You do that so well."

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I am so... nnnnnnrg! Like, I want to move every part of my body nownownow, but even if I do, that still isn't satisfying. >_< And I have a headache.

I'm too far gone, but you can still make it! Run, RUN TO THE LIFEBOATS. Ohhhh, my head.

See, this is when I start banging my head up against the wall or bouncing up and down on the bed. Not. *thud* Being. *thud* Productive. *thudthud*

Just killin' braincells.
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