January 25th, 2004


Happy entries, happy entries...

It's not so hard, is it? String a bunch of hyperactive randomness together and it sort of looks happy, haha.

I don't hate Marilyn Manson as much as I thought I did. XD TAINTED LOVE, OMGWTF... that and there's a picture of him and Crispin Glover together at a party or something and that just cracks me up... no particular reason. Maybe I just remember making fun of Jamie however many years ago for liking MM.


Can anyone tell me why pressing down on the very middle of my chest, right on the sternum, produces lingering pain? O_o It's, like, tender. And I'm not talking unreasonable pressing. Very reasonable pressing. It's been this way for awhile now. *presspressow* I can't feel anything... like a lump or... whatever.

*loves on glorybox* "The only thing I can think to suggest is try to knock some sense into his strangely emotional thick skull..." XD XD XD Yes, yes. "Knock." He has to get close enough to knock, though, and I think he'll be avoiding that for a bit. Dude, they arrested this one guy (on a marijuna possession charge, wtf?) in my city when he called about a domestic abuse situation... even though his wife admitted to being the one getting violent. It was like they couldn't believe that his wife was pushing him (a football player for KSU) around. But I believe it. She was small, but I bet she could have kicked some ass if she was mad enough.

My god. I just want to go and be herbert_west forever.
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    Marilyn Manson - Highway to Hell

Hot Topic 0wnZ me, h4rdc0r3...

It's really sort of pathetic.

I bought a Last Unicorn t-shirt... *dies* I can't believe it. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it. I hope it fits. Girly shirts are so hard to size up right. But it should fit. It's by Ripple Junction, which is very cool. I only wish I had been able to get one of those Secret of NIMH shirts when they were being sold. ;__;

I also bought kitty cat socks, a Red doll from Fraggle Rock (I wanna be like RED! :D She is teh awesome!), and Jack and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Underwear. Heh. I love it when teenage boys go into Hot Topic and they're all struttin' tough and then their highly uncool soccer mom strolls in behind them. It kills me. :D :D

And at Borders I bought a book on Caravaggio (note: I am cultured), a book about the art of Nightmare Before Christmas, and a present for Lew. >__< Yes, I might be mad BUT I STILL BOUGHT HIM A PRESENT!!! Someone smack me or something...

Well, I never said it was a very good present. It's kind of stupid. But it is a present nonetheless. "Hate me, HATE ME! Go ahead, hate me! I love you..."

Ah, fuck me...
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    Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (THE GREATEST EVER! :P)