January 26th, 2004


Ah, snow driving WTF???

This is madness, I tell you. MADNESS.

I saw Chinatown last night. Um, yeah. It was okay, I guess. Bruce Glover was in it. Sometimes he looked like Crispin, but mostly not so much. What I really want to see is the James Bond movie he was in. Gay hit men! Thin Man's daddy! :D Oh, totally.

And I really want to make people watch Nightmare Before Christmas, but I cannae find my video tape. So I think I'll run out and buy it on dvd, because I've been wanting it and why not. And get myself some Chipotle's. I've been craving le burrito.

*hyper* Woo. Damn fuck. I wish I had an idea. Er, an idea for a comic. >_> A good one. So far, only bad ones:

- A comic about a boy who finds a cave of dragons in his backyard.
- "Ringmaster"... the comic with the boys and the albinos and circus freaks and stuff. Remember? Of course.
- A comic that reminds me a little too much of a Stephen King story. XP Damn.

And I've always wanted to make, like, semi-historical comics... like one about Sweeney Todd or about Leon Czolgosz. But... yeah. Hard.

I'm a really shitty original writer. I've always been. Hooray for fanfic, right? :D
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    Nightmare Before Christmas - "What's This?" (Danny=my hero)