February 11th, 2004



I burned my computering thumb. *squinches* It's all... smooth and uncomfortable. That's what you get for trying to make dinner, self. Big spazz. Because, you know, METAL DOESN'T GET HOT.


And now, some witty conversation about names, people who suck, and why it's bad to take me seriously.

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That's about peak wittiness for me... after awhile, I just become nonsensical. Actually, I'm feeling sort of nonsensical right now. It must be all that Nightmare Before Christmas fangirling... I'm not sure I can finish the movie with the commentary on; it's fascinating, but it's also breaking down my suspension of disbelief and that is not cool.

EDIT: Who wants to move to Kent and rent a loft apartment with me in a place that used to be a textile factory? C'mon... you know you want to...
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