March 5th, 2004

two weevils

Holy shit, blast from the past...

For no particular reason (besides not wanting to redo my Winamp playlist after futzing with my mp3s and moving shit around... sheer laziness, I tells ya) I decided to pop in some Everclear. Volume 1.

I don't know why this cd has such strong associations for me... it's like... so summer. Summer downtown, wandering between Auntie M's and the theatre, chasing after Ryan, having fun with Ani... and... Alicia. Shit, I'd actually forgotten her name. I loved her! Loved them! The second Everclear concert, the real one, the one that tested our endurance and strength and cemented the Everclear love forever. And summer school and walking home with my headphones on, lying on the grass in the shade, reading Terry Pratchett books.

... summer. *sighs* No more summers like that, I guess.

I really have to do things, like shower and wash my hair and go out and come back and reply to things because I've been very lazy and rude (and insane, harharhar). But, arrgh, I don't want to.

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