March 13th, 2004

what I think of you


I promised myself I'd never do this, because it tends to annoy the shit out of me when other people do... but...

Only benign entries, concerning fandom or web updates, will be public from now on. I'm not friends-locking the older entries, since I don't see a point (and there are so many of them... ugh) but from now on, anything vaguely personal will be locked.

I use this, and regard this, as a journal. I'm not doing so hot emotionally, and I know this--and it's come to my attention that it might not be good for the rest of the world to know it too (duh on me). I'm not too keen at the moment on "talking" about my problems, seeing as "talking" usually consists of another person lecturing and me supposedly listening and absorbing.

This is the one place where I talk and no one talks back... and if someone does, I don't have to give a damn. I'd prefer not to lose it. So I won't.

*hugs friendslist* This doesn't really apply to you, of course, or even to future friends... I'll still, more often than not, add people on my own and add people who friend me first. I've just decided to take advantage of some of the screening options available.
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