August 22nd, 2005

geeks we be

Jeffrey Combs called me sweetie, and other tales...

Got home last night from the famed Baltimore Irregulars adventure with ghostgecko, dr_ninjapants, and eshugh. Did it kick ass? Oh, yes it did. I'm sorry my account is so frenetic but... yeah.

So, I drove down to ghostgecko's Thursday afternoon/evening. No major mishaps, though driving in the dark sucks and Pennsylvania is full of twisty pseudo-mountains and speed traps (and at one point I totally thought I was getting pulled over but then the cop just... drove on past). And then I got to his house and we watched… um, let’s see… Jeff’s bits in Frightmare (Question: is every one of Jeff’s characters either vaguely or blatantly gay? Answer: I think so!) and some Danny Elfman fun in Forbidden Zone and then some of Cops (Greatest Police Chases?) on tv and there was a big blue police robot and it was just CRAZY. And I got acquainted/reacquainted with the animals and then… sleep.

Collapse ) And for ghostgecko’s account of day one, go here.

Collapse )

So after Horrorfind, we dropped Daryn off and then Lew, Erin, and I ended up going to the Chinese buffet and Erin ate a ‘frog leg’ that had a wing on it. And then Lew and I stayed up and watched the third bit of Hotel Room (yes, Crispin can most definitely act!), the original Willard (OMG, superskinny Bruce Davison with mommy issues!), and then the Crispin version of Willard (which gets more and more complex and impressive every time I watch it… and watching it with Lew was like, man, such an eye-opener). Then the next morning we went out to Wonderbooks and bought old ‘clinical’ studies of homosexuality and pedophilia, among many other wonderful books. And had lunch. And then I had to leave (*sniff!*) but I got to take home two new rattie babies, Dan and Herbert! Just guess where those names came from. And Dan has already morphed into “Dan-bug” thanks to Hotel Room. Craziness.

But as soon as I walked in the door after my seven hour drive home with the rat cage in hand, my father says, “What? More?” And then the phone rings and it’s my mother. Immediately. Wow. And then tomorrow we fly down to North Carolina so… *waves* Be back on Thursday.

[ETA: eshugh's account of the trip is here and dr_ninjapants's account is here. Woo!
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