December 28th, 2006


"No, we'll serve anyone--meaning anyone--and to anyone at all!"

I finally had a day off! What did I do with it? Almost nothing! :( Oh, I know I should be doing at least half a dozen different things, but I've been having real trouble making myself sit down and just get them started. I'm so antsy and distracted and unable to make decisions. Oh, sure, wind me up and point me in the right direction and I'll get a buttload done. Like, say, the back corner of women's shoes at the store? I cleaned that motherfucker and it took like three or four hours, but it was nice. It was simple.

I look around at the stuff I could be doing at home and it's nowhere near as simple. I could be drawing or writing, but drawing or writing what? What do I choose to finish? I could be compiling a portfolio, but of what? I end up feeling like such a failure because I can't get stuff done. I can't even scan stuff, since much of what I would like to scan is at the school (I hope). At least some nice boy on deviantart is keeping me amused (read the comments).

So what should I do, people? Tell me what to do? Aside from go to bed, because I gots to be up early tomorrow.

Oh, hey, but I drew this! And cut it out and stuck it up on the wall at work and took a picture of it!

People there like Tinkerbell. I am a whore. Tell me what to do. Please. (I'm sorry if it blinded you.)