May 22nd, 2007


"On undercover missions, Chance always goes formal."

So Brand Upon the Brain! Okay, kleenexwoman already made a coherent post about it here, which is good. Mine is coming a bit later because, well, okay. It was a lot of driving and a lot of stress and I've been sort of out of it the past few days. I'm a bit better now, but yeah.

Should I talk about Crispin or the film first? Or about how much I hate Chicago? And construction? Okay, no, I don't hate Chicago (but I do hate construction, natch). I lived very close to Chicago for about five years, until I was about nine; my dad taught at Governers State University. But I'm not generally a great fan of big cities with, you know, the congestion and all the people. It's the whole getting overwhelmed really easily. I come from a place where I drive by cows on my way to class, so don't judge me. Also, driving and having a car in the city is crap. Next time, I'm working out how to do this by bus or train or whatever.

But actually, here's an anecdote from the (chatty) streets of Chicago: Collapse )

But the movie... yay! Collapse )

Collapse )

So then, afterward, Rachel and I went back to the car, made bunny noises, and then drove back to her apartment.

The only thing I regret is that I totally forgot to tell him it was my birthday. Maybe in six months I'll tell him, haha. Retroactive happy birthdays? Why not?
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