June 21st, 2007

big head


I'm sure ffarf already posted about this or whatever and I missed it, but dudes... that guy from Interpol who used to look like Crispin now looks like this. Whoa. I don't really know what to say or think about that.

Also, not only am I on /34/, but here as well! Makes me think I should do more that isn't crap. Because, seriously, looking at that picture four years later just makes me sadface so hard.

In other BttF news, I wrote this. It is so lame and silly of me to be proud of it, but I am! I'm also vaguely proud to have received "hatefic." And I like this because, for me, it's about getting all these thoughts together about some of the attitudes that disturb me in general in fandom (but particularly in this fandom) and in the actual movie (oh, but we could go on for days about what's wrong with the movie). Also, you know, it was to show off how SMRT I am. :D Modest too!

Anyway, my poetry class is basically :/ and I never know whether I should be editing or scrapping stuff or feeling vaguely competent. Like, I wrote this... and while I rather like it, no one really seemed to "get it." So, I mean, I'd edit it if I had any idea how to do so. But at the moment, I don't. :( Suggestions/comments?

Oh, speaking of editing... someone reviewed one of my short Pendergast fics on ff.net, and I went to reread it. Ohhhhh, it needs editing too. So much, urgh. I suppose I should make that a goal, to go over some of my old fics that I still basically like and touch them up. Nurgh, more work.

Other topics of discussion: 1408, see it, Y/N? Also, I watched The 4400 premiere and now I kind of want to slash Jeff and neo-Jesus, mostly to be silly and contrary. I'm a goof.

Oh, and I need to get my art stuff together, look for my ruler, and see whether my printmaking teacher possibly kept my print from long ago that I would like back. :( I am so shy and don't want to call her, argh. But she didn't answer my last email, so... *whines*
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