July 16th, 2007


Criminal masterminds don't need to worry about other people's shit

I saw OotP Sunday with my dad. It's very good and very technically well-done. It is now my second favorite, after PoA (naturally). And... yeah. It was good. Condensed, but good. The sad part, I guess, is that it was a little too good. I left the theatre rather sad to know that I and my generation don't have anything worth fighting for in any kind of similar sense. I'm sure that can be disputed, of course, and argued about copiously on the Internet to no productive end. But I don't know, I feel like we lack that adversity now, at least in a personal way. And fantasy has had a tendency lately to depress me, since (as we all know) there's no way real life can match up for most of us. I don't know, I go back and forth in my feelings on this.

Oh, and I still &hearts Remus, by the way. >:P But that's all I will say until the new book comes out for real.

Anyway, new series to be interested in + new Harry Potter media = me feeling like I ought to at least look at what the interwebs has to say, even when I know it will make me go :/

For one thing, I'm getting the idea that Doctor Who fandom wanks as only a 40+ year old fandom can (in particular, one that has been put down and then recently resurrected for a new audience). Happily, I also came across this: The Doctor Who Fan's Phrasebook. Also useful, you'll find that a fair number of these can be extrapolated and applied to other fandoms without much effort. Anyway, the overarching point can be summed up by what he says in the intro: "Remember, if you can't laugh at yourself - and your friends - then there really is something seriously wrong with you." I also find laughing at total strangers to be fun and rewarding, though not quite as rewarding.

Still, this is pretty funny, in that "wow, you totally missed the point," sort of way. Weirdly enough, I'm most bothered by the fact that s/he thinks David Tennant and John Simm are twinks. Um, lol, what gay porns have you been watching? Man, if I could only find porn with guys who have similar bodies to Tennant or Simm (or, as we all know, like Crispin). Both are too old and hairy to be twinks, sorry to say.

As for all the OTHER wank--you know, the race wank and the shipping wank and god knows what else that's somehow bouncing between the two fandoms--I have nothing to say, really. Except that I thought this was a very reasonable response in a sea of incredibly, well, unreasonable, vitriolic, and reactionary ones. I was shocked, I tell you. Shocked.