September 20th, 2007



Okay, I just finished watching Simon Says.

... what. was. that. ("Was that him? Was that me? Did a prince really--" okay no shut up.)

The movie itself is horrible. But I was entertained, so... I mean, I guess it did its job? I guess? Or at least Crispin did. Even though we kind of got cheated out of twincest. I mean, hey, we know for sure he could play Pendergast now, I guess. :/ Oh, and his nipples kept me very entertained. Haha, little chilly there?

(Oh yeah, and that whole "I have to have sex with this crazy guy to save my life" scene... all I could think was: "WHY?! WHYYYYYY ARE YOU REACHING FOR THE MEAT CLEAVER YOU IDIOT ARRRGH SO STUPID!" Because, as is probably obvious, I would have let the crazy man who looks like Crispin do what he would and then take care of me, even if it meant being tied up among his dead relatives OH GOD I'd make the worst rape victim in the history of ever.)

So anyway, I'll try to take screencaps tomorrow.

P.S. I still live and all that jazz. HUUUUUUUGS! :D