March 5th, 2008


"Kids on the beat! BEAT KIDS!"

I'm currently avoiding an essay on W.H. Auden while Rachel makes spaghetti. How fucking domestic is that? It's awesome domestic, holy crap.

So she has me watching Wonder Showzen, or I mean I expect we will watch the second disk of the second season tonight. Oh my god, but that show is like... I don't know, it's like something Crispin Glover would do if he were a little more clever. Well, okay, a lot more clever. It's got a really pasted together feel, is what I mean. Like, it's sort of like Round My House, but a 22 minute children's show. And its basic purpose seems to be to irritate people and then laugh at them with puppets, which really is giving me too much joy. Also, I think I'm in love with the little red-headed boy. Seriously, if I were going to have a child, I would want that child. That kid is smart as a motherfucking whip, and it's actually sort of hard to believe he's not another puppet, he is that good.


Anyway, we've also been watching random episodes of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. because she's got a major thing for the gay spies now. I can dig it. I mean, it's pretty hot.

Actually, it could stand to be a little less hot, because as it is it invites porn... but really silly porn, for the most part. And I take my hardcore gay fucking very seriously. Very seriously.

Speaking of, W.H. Auden liked to blow dudes a lot, but he wasn't into anal. This is what my research has taught me.