March 14th, 2008

butch up

I love the Japanese.

I love them so, so hard. Why? I found Man from U.N.C.L.E. Japanese fanart last night and it is awesome. It seriously made me grin like nothing else (done by other people) in fandom has in ages and ages. So I am sharing with you some links...

The best artwork - Every season has comments on the episodes and the occasional piece of art to go with it. Then there are also some extra pieces under "other." Also, sprites, ahahaha, awesome. My favorite pic is here, because lol chest hair. However, sparkly Illya, kitty Illya, and sparkly Napoleon are close runners up. Also, this person/these people have drawn some stuff for The Producers, so I pretty much have to love them.

More art on another site. I'm impressed that they did English translations! And that their translations are adorable! Ahaha, oh man, and this one really threw me, considering my last entry. Rubber duckie synchronicity! I also like this one because it is hella true; oh Captain Shark, you rascal.

Then, under the guest art, there is this comic, which is insanely cute and apparently based on Frog and Toad, which is awesome. Do not miss kitty Mr. Waverly at the end. And by the same artist there is TINY UNCLES, also awesome. Favorite panel involves tiny Illya dissecting a mechanical rat and singing to himself while Napoleon says, "Illya looks happy. It's all O.K."

Also under the guest art is some super pretty stuff, the standout being this picture, which is not only pretty, it is also THAT SCENE from the Gurnius Affair. Also, insanely pretty Napoleon.

Then there are a few more pieces here. Not much to say about them. There is also this comic to be had at a completely different site and oh my god but it looks insane and amazing. And they have a great eye for picking goony photos of David McCallum.

I don't know if these are old hat for anyone else who is or was at some point a fan, but by god... they make me smile. So much smiling!