March 20th, 2008


Stuff happens

Okay, not a lot to be sure. Mostly it involves my sleep patterns being waaaaaay fucked up. Yay, spring break? Yaaaaaaay! Oh, it's snowing. Now it is not. My dad went to New York. He will return. He has returned. Okay.

Excitement: as of late, it has mostly involved an ongoing drama with a stray cat. He is of medium size and white and very pushy, so naturally if he keeps coming around I will have to start calling him Illya. He stood on our stoop and was annoying one evening, so we gave him some cat food. Then he started angling for an invite inside, but Greebo was like "oh no you don't." But I did let this strange kitty inside and thankfully was able to herd him into the bathroom. But Greebo, annoying creature that he is, could not let this turf war go. So we had both of them meowing at each other through the bathroom door and it was not pleasant. I shut Greebo up and let our visitor leave, which he very much wanted to do at that point. He was trying to climb up me and I was like, noooooo kitty, ow that hurts. Anyway, he left the little bathroom smelling of cat, because unfortunately he is very much an un-neutered adult male.

Then a couple of days later I go out to move my car and find that the same white kitty has made considerable headway into the garbage in search of leftover chicken. So I helped him get to the chicken. :( That was very bad of me, but... oh well. There is also an orange cat and a black cat who come and go around here, but only the white cat will let me pet him. I think they were living in one of the evergreens behind the house. It may be a problem.

In fanstuff news, I'm only slightly ashamed to say that I bought this. Why? WHY? Because that's freaking Montgomery Clift and James Dean being all gay lovers with hearts in the background. It used to be a t-shirt. I wish it still was, dammit. :( Sigh. I looked for another shirt online, but couldn't find shit. I think I need to get that DVD, though. It looks like the sort of thing I'd like.

Other James Dean thing... Oooooh. God, so expensive. Although, I admit, the cowboy look doesn't do much for me; I'd love to have this, but that is even more expensive sooooo... yeah. Although, interestingly enough, one of the head-sculpts got reused, so there are spare Dean heads floating around. So, theoretically, I could find him a body and some clothes... he has a really intense expression, though. I got used to the Doctor figure's wonky-eyed stare, so maybe I can get used to anything, but I don't know... I mean, James Dean's severed head. That's pretty weird. (On the plus side, that line of toys has some sweeeeet army duds and accessories.)