April 24th, 2008


Less is more is less.

I was reminded recently, for no apparent reason, of the great affection I have for The Venture Bros. and everyone involved in that show. It's such a clever show and so full of unashamed nerdness. I love it and I love that it's well-made, even if that means two years between new seasons. I'm not too keen on the fanbase a lot of the time, but the show itself gives me a sort of unashamed enjoyment that I don't get from a lot of things. Anyway, kleenexwoman and I were talking about it and how it would be interesting to see a show that was done in a similar vein, but parodying spy shows from the 60s. But she said something that I'd already thought a number of times myself: that it often seems like everything has already been done and that there's no artistic frontier ahead of us.

Now, of course, this isn't true... exactly. It's just that it's hard for us, at this juncture, to see what the next revolution is going to be. To see what we're going to be doing in ten years, with regard to art and poetry and writing and entertainment. But of course it's hard for everybody. It was hard for the Beats, for the Modernists, for the Impressionists, for every generation. Who knows what the future will bring? I had no idea that I would write the poetry I did this semester. We all just keep going and discover it along with everyone else, I guess.

So I posted some Man from UNCLE art yesterday. Nothing too stellar, just some sketchy-type things.

I spent like an hour today talking to this girl from my poetry class in the parking lot. She was very talky, but it was okay. She's had a really rough time lately, and she's fun to talk to so... sigh. Why do I always start getting along with people at the end of semesters? That sucks. :(