May 13th, 2008

head explode

Oh god, chemicals

The most evil thing ever is when I run out of (or forget) my medication for more than about two days straight, because the withdrawal is comparable to going off heroin. Or having vertigo and the flu, whatever.

It gives me plenty of time lying in bed and having weird dreams and thinking up weird/stupid stories, but on the whole I tend to prefer not being nauseated at the time. Just a thought.

Goal for today is set on leaving the house, so we'll see how that goes. Oh god, I'm already bored. This is stupid. :/ And I want to go out and get books but have no clean underwear.

This is my own fault for not doing laundry, but I'll complain about it anyway.

[ETA: Goal will likely not be met. Am working on the laundry problem first. Have cut hair and retrieved more files from old laptop. Slowly moving forward. Beginning to think that peanuts and cereal are not the sum total of a nutritious diet.]