May 15th, 2008

diner friends

Hey. HEY! I wanna be the coolest man you've ever seen!

You guys, seriously, that's the worst fake racism. :( Seriously, you guys.

Grades, I has them:

Roman History: C+, which is pretty fair because I never went to class
English Studies: B+, but then I missed one short paper and others were late
Poetry Writing: A
Monster Movies II: B+, and I feel so bad for this dude because I am the king of late papers when it comes to his classes.

I'm trying to figure out classes for next semester. Currently I have:

Literature in English II: yes, again, because of my massive fail last year.
Painting II: f'real, an art class!
Imperial Russian History: I don't even know. Should I switch to Soviet history if there is room? Oh wait, nevermind, I must have imagined there being a class on Soviet history.

Now. I need a fourth class. I was hoping it would be Lithography, because that is on a Saturday and I like that. And I thought you could take it without having done sophomore review, but the automatic registration thing yelled at me, so who knows. I have an advising appointment on Monday.

Things I think you should look at:

Vanity Fair did a re-creation photo-shoot thing of a bunch of Hitchcock movies. Eva Marie Saint is actually in the one for Lifeboat, squee, and Stangers on a Train is as gay as it always is. The one for Marnie is uncanny. Seth Rogan was a really weird choice for the North by Northwest one though.

This is easily the best slash fanfic ever written. Well, it's definitely the best one for Psych.

My dad disappeared, and I'm not sure where to exactly. :/
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