June 24th, 2008


Don't eat the pictures, no no no.

I drew my own version of Fat Napoleon. How can people not find that hilarious? I don't care whether it's Bonaparte or Solo, Fat Napoleon eating cookies is funny. Napoleon resembling Cookie Monster? Cookie Monster, who was recently on Stephen Colbert? This is comedy gold.

I sincerely love Fat Napoleon (Solo... ah, hell, Bonaparte too, in a pinch). I would cuddle him. I think of him as being shaped something like a Spheal. How could you not cuddle something that's shaped like a little ball? It's fucking adorable, okay.

Also, I wanted to inform the world that I have now tried Nutella. And it is good, in a hellishly evil sort of way. :( Nutella, you will not help me lose weight and that's very sad.

Oh, and The Boys From Brazil is chock-full of BABY HITLERS. kleenexwoman suggested that this was where Girl Hitler came from. Like, one of the clones got slightly confused in the womb or something.