July 4th, 2008


Fanmix: Spy Kind of Guy and Happy Fourth of July!

Title: Spy Guys
Disclaimer: Files are of varying (mostly lower) quality and are meant for previewing purposes. If you like a song, check out the artist and support them! If it's possible, I mean. Some of these songs are harder to find than others.
Thanks: to kleenexwoman for the Kraftwerk track, the Junior Brown track, and the Toy Dolls track.
Notes: So awhile ago I was like, tell me spy songs! People did, sort of, and I went, "Hmm, okay, this is not what I was looking for." Then I realized that was being lazy and should just go looking for my own damn spy songs if I was going to be so picky. So I did. This is the fruit of my labors. (Seriously, it took a long time.)

Also, I kept running across songs I liked, but only for Illya or only for Napoleon or just for the two of them together. So, yeah, I actually have three other playlists. It's kind of one big project, really.

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