July 10th, 2008


Ultra Violence Plus Gangsters, Yippee!

I have now seen Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs and holy hell... why did no one ever tell me that Tim Roth was so damn hot? In that weird, wiry, English sort of way. Hell yes I would lick that. And I totally watched Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead earlier, so it was like, oh hey, a lot of Tim Roth. Oh oh and then, okay, so there was Gary Oldman in that. Then we watched Batman Begins and I was all, awww, Commissioner Gordon, awww. And kleenexwoman tells me, "that's Gary Oldman!" And I was like, no way, but then that's the magic of Gary Oldman! :D And then I was kind of shipping Batman/Commissioner Gordon because of that, damn me.

Oh well, at least I didn't end up looking for Rosencrantz/Guildenstern. Yet, I mean.

I have been having a lot of weird dreams lately. Like, I cannot even articulate. I had one extended one about a murder on an Indian reservation. Then I had another one about zombies... but then we made the zombies nice, which meant that when people died they were turning into werewolves instead. Because, you know, it has to be something, right? And there were Pokemon. And stuff from Discworld and Futurama and Diogenes from the Pendergast series. And then today I had a dream where someone took a bunch of expensive stuff from me. Stuff I don't have in real life. OH and I had this one dream that there were spiders coming out of a vent in the wall and they were trained to kill when they heard the word "faggot." But see, I didn't know that the spiders were dream spiders, so I was sort of half awake and thought I was seeing spiders coming to get me and Rachel wasn't home so I was a bit scared. :(

As you can probably tell, I've run out of one of my meds and things have been a bit goofy.

David McCallum is way cute in The Great Escape and now I don't want to see him get shot. :( Actually, that whole movie is tremendously cute and I don't want to watch the second tape where it gets tremendously uncute. :(((

Fanmix: Napoleon Sheds His Skin

Title: Napoleon Sheds His Skin
Disclaimer: As always, files are of varying (mostly low/medium) quality and are meant for previewing purposes. If you like a song, check out the artist and support them! If it's possible, I mean. Some of these songs are harder to find than others.
Thanks: to kleenexwoman for the World/Inferno Friendship Society track.
Notes: So, this time, you have to suffer through my inane reasons why I chose the songs I did. It's fun. Go with it. There's also really short, really stupid fic for you at the end if you want it.

Also, fair warning, this is not very, uh, complimentary. It turned out kind of mean. But, and I'm being entirely sincere here, I'm meanest to the characters I like the most. I honestly really, really like Napoleon... it's just that I like him because he's sort of a jerk. Take that how you will, I guess.

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