July 21st, 2008

diner friends

What the hell am I doing here

LOL I got drunkish a few nights ago. Hooray! I've never actually drunk enough alcohol to become slightly stupid before. It's not what I would call one of my favorite things, since sometimes my brain is very violently opposed to being in an altered state and things are all unpleasant. But this was nice. It was basically safe (we all played board games for awhile) and I was silly and stupid and sleepy. I guess the next frontier is getting really drunk and wanting to have naked parties or something.

Oh man, I didn't realize how much I'd actually sort of missed this. It makes me feel sort of warm and fuzzy to see that there are people who will go "Hey. HEY. That is NOT how you talk about trannies. >:( Learn to play nice and quit being such an asshole." It's like, fuck, I don't know. I rarely realize how fucking different I am until I'm hanging around straight people or watching a lot of mainstream tv or whatever. Whatever situation it is where I'm not picking and choosing the media and the message. And even people who are generally nice or trying to be can be insensitive or dickish about gays and trannies. And the really shit thing is that I feel bad for disapproving!

Then I wander off by myself and after awhile start boggling. It's like, oh hell no. Fuck. I just got tricked into thinking I was a less worthwhile person and that my choices are wrong! Again! Fuck! Whyyyyyy am I talking about this, god, it's so depressing.

We went out and saw Wall-E and THE DARK KNIGHT (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!) Oh holy shit, guess who's totally hot with just half a face? That's right, it's the dude you all believe in... oh my god, I was like "I want to lick his eyeball. Just be all, hey, I bet you're drying out there. Let me moisten it for you." Sexy. I loved the whole thing. Anyone who doesn't like this movie is a comic book PHILISTINE. Okay? Iron Man also. And if you like Spiderman now, you are crap. It's just like a whole new level of awesome and you are going to have to roll with it or gtfo.
hey fuck you

Things that I think are dumb

Let me tell you about some things that I think are very dumb.

- "Books are sacred! Never write in a book, for that is nothing short of blasphemous! I took home ten copies of a book that can be found damn near anywhere, because books are sentient and I just couldn't let them suffer all alone!"

Guess what? You are all stupid or possibly in the seventh grade. A book is not a sacred object, particularly not books that are fucking mass-manufactured and which can be found in any library, in any bookstore, and also on the Internet. (The rules are slightly different for rare and antique books, I admit.) Just because the words are so pretty and deep does not make the pages they were written on anything more than flattened tree pulp.

So please, lonely girl English majors. Loosen the fuck up or I'm going to start writing random obscenities in all my damn library books just to piss you off.

- "Men's bodies aren't pretty! Only women's bodies are! I'm a straight girl, but men are funny-looking and ugly even when I like how their genitals feel inside mine!"

Shut up. Why do people act like this is some sort of fact? Immature straight girls often have what amounts to a weird grudge against men's bodies. Like, "omg, what is that crazy dangly thing?! It's so ugly!" No, honey, it's not. It's no worse than other frankly goofy body parts, like vaginas and breasts and nipples and ears and noses and your little toe (all of which I find incredibly comedic and a little alien). I don't care if you, personally, find men's bodies repulsive (I mean, I happen not to like carrots, but I love carrot cake; we all have our little quirks). But it's certainly not fact that women's bodies are more "aesthetically appealing". That's cultural conditioning, and if you think that's bullshit then let's all look back at the ancient Greeks and all the women they painted/sculpted--oh wait. Oh but they were a bunch of fags, amirite? They reproduced pretty damn well for a society of queers though, I must say.

- Anti-PC whiners.

Bitches, please. There is no danger of us "losing words" to some "politically correct machine." And if we were, guess what? Language change is entirely normal and healthy, so stop thinking about language as something that needs to be preserved in all its prejudiced glory. You can also quit using words like "nigger" and "faggot" as casually as possible because you think you are so hip and ironic and 3dgy. You are not. 99% of the time you are straight and white, so you need to cut that right the fuck out.

- Standards of beauty in general.

Are almost always racist, sexist, heteronormative, ageist, ableist, weightist, misogynist, and gender-normative and so are nothing but bullshit. I may even have missed out on a few -ists there, I don't know. Sometimes I find myself up against this brick wall, wondering things like, "Wait, who decided trannies weren't hot again? What about really geeky, nerdy boys and girls? Why aren't more hot Indian dudes like Sendhil and Kal on Western TV?" What is wrong with this society?

- People who always think they're right.

Sometimes you're wrong. Sometimes you say dumb shit. Sometimes you have stupid, fucked up, nasty opinions. Sometimes you get mad for stupid reasons, sometimes you are annoying, sometimes you just are not a good person. This goes for everyone, including myself (especially myself, lol most self-deprecating). Sometimes you will be wrong. Sometimes there's no clear answer. It's frustrating and it sucks sometimes, but that's being human in a nutshell. And some things you just need to learn to be open-minded about because you will be an ignorant dink if you keep telling people how much you hate rap and country music or how people are only gay, straight, or bi and nothing else.

I think my self-righteous rage-on is done now.