November 5th, 2008

change bitches!

Yes we can!

Well, not me. But you did, rest of America! :D Even Ohio, I believe? You did it without me, and I'm glad and not surprised at all, really. And I'm glad it's over because I do get worn down by the divisiveness and the unusual amount of dumb opinions and such. Life will go on, and soon we will have a team in charge that, may I say, takes some excellent photos.

Also, Rachel bought was given election Doritos. 2 parties (cool ranch and pizza cravers), 1 America!

I keep seeing Republicans saying that Obama-supporters don't know what kind of change they even want, which is pretty condescending. My answer: "All the changes you don't want."

I'm tired of politics now, but I want pictures when Obama gets his girls a puppy. Also, more bumper car rides, please.

Why are we cool? Are we cool because we are subversive? Nay, people, I propose that we are not cool at all. We are dorks, and no one thinks we are cool, and we have totally accepted that and moved on and maybe we will write a book about it.

We are using the pronoun "we" in the royal sense.