September 11th, 2009

don't ask don't tell


So much hate for how people are treating Caster Semenya. How nice to see that it's something that keeps cropping up. Obviously the problem isn't with the athletes, it's with society's dumb gender binary bullshit.

People are assholes. Gender and body bullshit is making me angrier than usual.

Sometimes it bothers me that people have such ridiculous opinions on things or get all surprised about things that absolutely happen just because they've never had to experience them. You lucky little shits, get the fuck off of my back.

The sad thing is that I'm thinking this about people who are basically my friends. :(

People are such good for nothing, worthless fuckers.

EDIT: In case you have maybe misread me over the years, somehow, I will not tolerate disrespectful treatment of anyone for being transgendered or intersexed in my journal. If you must be disrespectful, you can go do it in one of the millions of places where assholes will agree with you.