DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

"I love you, please love me, I am co-dependant you see..."

::coughs:: Anyway. It's amazing what a trip to the psychatrist reveals within you.

Buuuu-uuuut...I got my Squall and Laguna doujin in the mail today! No, not the good, hentai one that I had to scheme for. ::glowers:: But another one I'd gotten. ::drools, hugs doujinshi:: Mmmm-mmmah! Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove! Too freaking cute! And the nice person who sold it to me drew a gorgeous piccie of Squall and sent it along with the doujinshi!

*is in awe*

That's it...if I ever start selling doujinshi off, then I'm going to do that too. It's just such a nice, nice surprise. ^____^ This all totally made up for my crappy day.

Now that I look at it, this doujinshi has a page or two that are a little dirty. *really wishes she could read it so she knew what was going on* Looks like a wet dream of Squall's...judging by how surprised Laguna is later when Squall grabs him and starts kissing him... ^__~

Too cute. Pity this doujinshi artist *really* has trouble drawing feet. Oh well. Whatever...

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