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Harry Potter fan survey...

Ganked from Pandora...

Part 1: The Books
1) Who introduced you to Harry Potter?:
My aunt. She sent me all three (when there were just three) for Christmas. She's a fifth grade teacher, she is.

2) What was your first reaction to reading the books?:
No! Must resist... Harry Potter... Anti-Christ... Hey, these are really cool!

3) How many times have you read each book?:
Once each, except for PoA, which has gone through numerous rereadings (particularly any Remus scene).

4) If you could change anything about the books, what would it be?:
*gently pushes Remus into a greater role*

5) If you could give J.K. Rowling any advice for the upcoming books in the series, what would it be?:
Keep Neville on the side of good. Don't let Hermione and Harry do anything naughty together (she's heading toward Hermione and Ron anyway). And keep Remus and Sirius a respectable distance apart.

6) If you could change the titles of the books that she's written so far and/or choose the titles for upcoming books, what would they be?:
No... I'm too lazy.

7) J.K. does not plan to do this, but would you want her to continue the series after Harry graduates?:

8) If she did, what would some of the titles be?:
I support her right to end the series, and wholeheartedly hope she does so. But, please... please... please don't kill them off. I was devastated when I read the end of "Mostly Harmless" and found that Douglas Adams had blown up Earth for good.

9) Which book is your favorite and why?:
Prisoner of Azkaban. Remus. Hogsmede. Oliver the nutjob. "I let you sleep in my bed!"

Part 2: the fics

1) Slash or non-slash?:
Slash. I have an attitude problem and cannot read het with a proper, happy disposition. And it seems that no one bothers to write gen very well anymore.

2) What are your favorite slash and non-slash ships?:
Remus/Harry, Remus/Severus, Harry/Severus, Harry/Ron, Oliver/Percy, Hermione/Ginny.

3) What is your favorite website for fanfiction?:
*shrugs* Fanfiction.net, I suppose. I don't go many other places.

4) Who is your favorite fanfic author?:
I like Lady Feylene's stuff and I really enjoy Obake's "All Torn Down".

5) What is your favorite fic?
Can't say I have one.

6) Do you write fanfiction?:
Yes, indeedy.

7) Why or why not?:
Why does the cow moo?

8) Why haven't you read my fics?
Who are you?

Part 3: you

1) If you were at Hogwarts, what house would you be in and why?:
Gryffindor. Chivalrous, brave to the point of stupidity and bullheadedness, stands up for right and wrong at all costs. Likes big cats.

2) Who is your favorite character and why?:
Remus. Because we're so similar. And Hermione because she's so damn cute!

3) Which character are you most like and why?:
Remus, due to self-mutilation, monthly crazies, kind and quiet demeanor, laid back and go-with-the-flow method of teaching.

4) When you meet someone, do you automatically determine which house they would be in or am I the only freak who does that?
No. That's just you.

5) Do you know anyone who reminds you of characters from the book?:
Sort of. Used to refer to my old Chem teacher as "Snape" because he was mean for the sake of being mean. And he taught chemistry. And he adored the Harry Potter books.

6) How do you think the books would be different if you were at Hogwarts?
Eh... I'm sure everything would be just about the same. Perhaps more cartoons would be present on the bathroom walls...

7) If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?:
Keeper. I figure, as goalie, you need to keep your eye very focused on one thing. And I can see myself being able to do that. Not that I'd be any good at Quidditch anyway...

8) Which class would you most look forward to?:
Transfiguration. And then Defense Against the Dark Arts. And then, finally, Potions.

9) What type of pet would you have?:
Kitty. Hopefully one more intelligent that any of my current three.

10) What is your favorite wizard candy?:
Blood lollipops. "Ugh, no Ron. I think those are for vampires."

11) What is your favorite store (in either Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, or Hogsmeade)?:
I'll stick to the pet shop in Diagon Alley. Whatever it's called.

Part 4: the movie/the music

1) Did you see the movie?:

2) If not, why didn't you?:

3) How does the movie compare to the book?:
Good. Long. Book better. Movie resembles extended version of "the casting game".

4) If you were doing the casting, who would you hire to play some of the characters (i.e. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Dumbledore, Mrs. Norris... etc.)?:
I thought the ones chosen were just fine. However, if they cast Ewan bloody McGregor for Lupin... grrr... (Ewan, I adore you... but... no). Mayhap I suggest Peter Wingfield? And Ralph Fiennes for Lucius. *purr*

5) Don't you think Harry Potter should have gotten the Academy Award for Best Original Score instead of Lord of the Rings? (just AGREE, dammit):
Not really.

6) How many times have you seen the movie?:
Once in the theatre and one and a half times at home.

7) What was your favorite scene?:
Uh... McGonagall turning from kitty to teacher. And the Potions classroom scene, especially with the additional dialogue on the dvd deleted scenes. "Clearly Hermione knows. Why don't you ask her?"

8) Is John Williams a genius or what? (again... just agree):

9) If you were crazy enough to disagree, who do you think could have done a better job with the music for the movie?:
*pushes forth Danny Elfman*

10) Who do you think the best actress and/or actor in the movie was/were?
Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Ian Hart.

11) ...the worst?:
Well... some of the kids didn't feel completely "right" to me. But then, they are young actors and should be forgiven.

12) Were there any people who were perfectly in character?:
McGonagall, Snape, Hermione... uh.... Quirrel.

13) Anybody who was so completely out of character you just wanted to scream?:
Seamus didn't do it for me. Arg. And at first I didn't like Hagrid, but I think Robbie Coltrane is growing on me.

14) What was your first reaction to seeing the movie?:
Eee! Eee! Eee!

15) If you were J.K. Rowling, how would you react to seeing the movie?:
"Yeah... this is why I refused animation."

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