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Uh... personal freedom and what to do with it...

I thought I had to write a paper for government tonight. But I don't. So that's ok then.

The issue I picked for this "paper" was "personal freedom". Just that... personal freedom.

It may be a bit vague. She was kinda pressing me to talk about whether we are letting go of a number of personal freedoms thanks to the fear resulting from September 11th. But I don't want to.

I was rereading bits of the book "The Day They Came to Arrest the Book" by Nat Hentoff and decided that, just maybe, the topic I should go for is "Does government compromise our personal freedom?"

So, thoughts on that would be appreciated. Of course, I (for the most part) believe that government (and, more specifically, the beaurocracy) does force us to give up rights we are entitled to.

But, on the philosophical hand, don't we all have the right to do whatever we want? But we also have the right to accept the consequences of our actions imposed by any society. So, are personal freedoms perceived? What the hell is freedom anyhow?

Big mystery...

Leela: The lake didn't mutate me! What is going on here!
Octopus-creature: It worked for me. I used to be a little blonde girl named Virginia.

Moe: Hey, hey... no kids in the bar!
Homer: Since when?
Moe: Eh... the heat's been on since those Bush girls were in here.

Moe: Yeah... I rob now.

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