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*Glances around unhappily*

And there goes another keyboard. Well, technically I think it's just on the way out. Doubling up on letters and the like. Yes, it's also my fault.

Mmm... and it's not bad enough that I have to go to dad straight away. Maybe I'll ask for one of those spillproof keyboards. How much would that set me back?

What Harry Potter Character Are You?</center>

You're brave, daring, and not afraid of much. You've got great friends and you love school. You're polite and love animals. You try to keep out of trouble, but it seems to find you easily. You've delt with bad things in your life, and come out triumphantly. You're smart and bright.

What Lesser Harry Potter Character Are You?

You're probably annoying and giggle a lot. You are extremely shy and run from people you like. You like school, but are terrified of others not liking you. You have a lot of family members and you love them all. You have wonderful friends.

What House Are You In?

You're a Gryffindor Guy/Gal. You're brave and happy, and you don't mind sticking up for your friends. You don't worry about consequences, you dive right in. Your motto is probably, "Life life to it's fullest." You live up every moment to it's fullest second. You're healthy and love life. You've got great friends. Hang on to them.


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