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Die Hard... bwahahaha!

Yeah. I'm watching the end. Mmm. Oh, look. It's Bruce Willis playing a sweaty, masculine mess of blood and chest hair.

Ah, but the real attraction? Yummy Alan Rickman. With a beard. As 'Hans'.

I love it. It's wacky. *cries as he dies* Ok, not so wacky.

Anyway... dear sweet mother of a goldfish. It's past two am! Uhhhh... I need a drink. I need a life. I'd enjoy an air conditioner. Can I go home now? Me want sandwich. *shivers*

See what I said about wacky? *crickets chirp* Yeah, and there are, like, two people who'd get that reference. And one of them is Stef. And I'm pretty sure that she and I are the only people in the world who want to do Adam Long and are not ashamed of it. (well... and his wife. Which should kinda go without saying. Anyway...)

Was reading "Trigun" fics. Mmm... nostalgia. Whhhaaaaarg. Ought to go and read some "X-Men", huh? Make everyone a lot happier with me. Lord knows we don't need any more "Harry Potter" bull shit in this world. Well, not from me...

My thoughts on a "Hitchhiker's Guide" movie: "Why? Why must we bring another wonderful book to the big screen? Are our imaginations so muddled that we can't use them anymore? Do we have to be shown every detail? Can't we just READ?! You know, the way we used to? We don't need a movie! We need actual literacy! Stop the madness! No "Hitchhiker's..." movie! Use your brains! I know you have them; they keep you upright. All you have to do is work out how to let them entertain you."

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