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23 June 2002 @ 01:20 pm
For those who care...  
"Hitchhiker's Guide" movie. Yes, there was a miniseries-type-thing made... I'd assume it was done in the eighties, it seems very eighties. And it was a miniseries, not a movie. 30 minute episodes and the like. I sat through the whole thing quite a long time ago after renting it from Blockbuster (along with a friend who was not very happy at the time). The guy playing Ford was reasonably attractive and deadpan-ed quite nicely, so I think I was pretty pleased.

BUT, in true Hollywood fashion. there is an actual movie rumored to be being tossed about. Scary. And now it's even more prevalent because of Adams' recent death. Apparently (again, rumor mill) he wanted to see a movie be made.

I don't know. A low budget, PBS miniseries is one thing... but a movie sounds like an attempt by the estate to milk more money out of the trilogy. I don't like it. If it was made, I'm sure I'd go see it. But I'd rather it not be made at all (and this coming from a squeaky little Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings fangirl. By the way, I still think Harry Potter should have been animated).

I don't know why, but it discourages me. I mean... there's no way to capture Douglas Adams on the silver screen. It just doesn't work that well. Small screen, perhaps. With aa decent sense of humor. But Hollywood is just too calculated for HHGTTG. Sorry.
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