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Stephanie is...

Look... something to waste some time! Do a search with "(your name) is" on google or altavista and, gee, will you be surprised.

- Stephanie is a member of the US Junior International team and a gymnast you will be hearing a lot more about in the future.
- Stephanie is "Molly" in Annie again in the 1998-99 season!
- Stephanie is stretching her horizons.
- Stephanie is originally from Logan, Ohio in the Hocking Hills...
- Stephanie is Right.
- Stephanie is a health and fitness journalist, certified fitness instructor, wife, and new mother to Lucas.
- Stephanie is a gifted writer.
- Stephanie is Back!
- Stephanie Is Engaged.
- stephanie is: grr grr grr grr... ... (add your thoughts).
- Stephanie is most interested in the front row seat that she has in order to witness the process of moving legislation through our political system.
- Stephanie is very smart, but that’s nothing remarkable for Swift Hall: everyone here is smart.
- Stephanie is half manx and half American short hair.
- Stephanie is a calico with striking orange coloring and beautiful green eyes.
- I know that Stephanie is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
- Stephanie is my hero...
- Stephanie is now seven years old...
- Stephanie is also an avid scuba diver.
- Stephanie is reaching infamy for kissing just about everyone on the roster.

I never knew...

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