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I woke up at 3:00 this morning coughing up a lung. Hard and painfully. Oh, the coughing! It hurt muy mucho, as it was incredibly violent. Like, "entire body seizes up, Stephanie swallows her cough drop, muscus comes out of her nose" violent.

So I had to wander downstairs and find medication. We had cough syrup... but it expired in '99. I ended up with Nyquil stuff. I got back to sleep. Hoo-fucking-ray for me.

This morning I was at the bathroom sink and there's this little spider, calmly sitting on its little web. I turn on the faucet, figuring it'll have to go down the drain. But no! In a valient effort, the little guy scurries away and up the wall... to a bigger web. Which prompted this ingeneous thought from me:

Was he trying to build a little summer home next to Niagra Falls, or what?

It was odd. And mundane.

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