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Today was a decent day...

I mean, by my standards. Even if it is hot like a motherfucker here. Augh! Global warming!

So... school was school, Health was Health, I got the standard "Are you sure you're ok?" talk from the teacher. Yeah. Whatever.

Walked home in the oppressive heat (but stopped at Franklin Square Deli for lunch, so I guess that's cheating). Fell dead asleep. Woke up. Went and got dinner. Stopped at Coconuts. Bought Tenacious D cd, which was in the Heavy Metal section for some odd reason (mur?). Also bought Linkin Park used cd and Offspring used cd ("Americana" because, dammit, I lost my first copy). Then went to CVS and bought allergy meds (we are seeing whether they alleviate sore throat/congestion enough for me to sing) and a stuffed hamster that sings "Shake Your Groove Thing".

Exciting, huh? On Friday I take the driver's license test thing. Scared. Shit.

And Saturday is Kent Fest. *grimaces* It'd be more fun if I had someone to walk around with. I suppose I'll just stop in Heartland books and buy something to read for the day.

Take the test here. Created by Pejo.


What fuzzy creature are you?

What Kind of Harry Potter Are You?

Why, you naughty Lolita, you! You are Jailbait!Harry. Your boyish good looks and charm make you irrestistable to all, and hey - we all know you're looking for a father figure. You've got a dual personality: sometimes you play the innocent, impressionable student, and at other times you're a little sexpot, knowing exactly what you want to get. Either way, your lover always protects you, and aside from the hot sex, he treats you like a regular boy wizard. He's your mentor, your friend - and you remind him of James. Your best slash pairings are Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry, and Snape/Harry...anything else is just way too odd. (Flitwick/Harry, anyone?)

By the way, this test included the following question and answer choice-

While searching through the Restricted Section late one night, you find the spell Lubricus (to lubricate any part of the body...rowr!) in one of the books. You say:

"I don't quite understand how to do this spell. Perhaps I should ask Professor Lupin for some after-class assistance..."

*Just about dies* Mehehehehe...


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