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Surveys are fun!

I stole this one from fricknfrack. For any future reference.

10 current favorite songs:
- "Hands Clean" - Alanis Morissette
- "Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World" - Tenacious D
- "Shadowland" - The Lion King (Broadway)
- "Hero" - Chad Kroeger
- "Over the Moon" - Rent
- "Thriller" - Michael Jackson
- "Man's Road" - The Last Unicorn
- "Grow Up" - Simple Plan
- "First Date" - Blink 182
- "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" - Nina Gordon

9 all-time favorite TV shows:
- The Simpsons
- Futurama
- X-Men: Evolution
- Friends
- Home Improvement
- The X Files (Well, old school XF, anyway)
- Law and Order
- Kids in the Hall
- Whose Line is it Anyway?

8 all-time favorite movies:
- Love and Death
- Young Frankenstein
- The Lion King
- Shrek
- The Last Unicorn
- Lilo and Stitch
- Any of the Muppet movies
- Harry Potter

7 current favorite CD's:
- "White Trash Hell" - Everclear
- "Tenacious D" - Tenacious D
- "Permanent Midnight" (soundtrack)
- "Adema"- Adema
- "The White Album (1st disk)" - The Beatles
- "Pippin" - (soundtrack)
- "Assassins" - (soundtrack)

6 favorite places to visit:
- Chicago, Illinois
- Rome, Italy (Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!)
- Stef's house
Places I'd like to visit:
- Croatia
- Japan
- New Zealand

5 boys (or girls) that rock your socks: (The catch is no Boys if you're a Backstreet fan, and no NSYNCers if you're a NSYNC fan. ;)
- Jeremy Irons
- Josh Charles
- Nicole Kidman
- Aretha Franklin
- Art Alexakis

4 things you absolutely can't live without:
- Food
- Oxygen
- Water
- Shelter

3 favorite beverages:
- Diet Coke
- Gatorade flavored water
- Real water.

2 all-time favorite books:
- "The Lord of the Flies"- William Golding
- "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"- J.K. Rowling

1 item you never leave home without:
- Sketchpad

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