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I thought this looked really fun...

Ok...saw this in Birdy Jae's journal...had to try it...

I'm giving you nine statements. Eight of them are the truth, one is a blatant lie! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ferret out the lie. This journal will self destrust in- BOOM!


1) I got started writing yaoi/slash fanfiction earlier than one would think...somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6, I was writing (well, getting my dad to help me write) little short stories about Justin and Jenner ('The Rats of Nimh') that had a vaguely romantic, hurt-comfort feel to them.

2) When I was a toddler, my nearly senile grandfather was living with us. We had much in common, including the fact that we both thought Mr. Rogers lived across the street. Which, technically, would have been almost true, as we were living in Pittsburgh (the city where 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' is/was taped) at the time.

3) For a Western Civilizations project, two of my friends and I made a video called 'Behind the Mafia', which was meant to be a parody of VH1's 'Behind the Music'. I wrote the entire script and played a mob wife, a mob boss, a mobster, and a hit man because I was the only one who could do the accents we wanted. Our outtakes were longer than our actual film (got great laughs though). Final grade was a 'C'.

4) At the zoo, in my younger years, a llama tried to eat my stroller.

5) Once, while waiting for admission to a haunted house, I looked down and crawling up my chest was a very large, hairy, *real* spider.

6) I once got in trouble with a teacher for shooting rubber bands around my classroom. ^^; It was done on a dare (and I honestly never go back on a dare). I had to go sit in the hall until the lesson was over and I was given a stern reprimand for disrupting the class. When I did come back into the room, I had to sit right up front near the teacher and it was humiliating...

7) In kindergarten I went on an odd, little stealing spree. Stole from teachers, friends, stores. But I felt so guilty about it that I went and stealthily gave everything back!

8) As a fourth-grader, I held my cat (Reggie) and watched as he was put to sleep. He died in my and my father's arms. As he relaxed, his tongue popped out of his mouth. I nearly laughed, because I though he was sticking his tongue out at us for holding him. It wasn't until later that I realized he had died.

9) I nearly broke (and did badly sprain) my ankle when helping my friends with a video project. I had climbed atop a fairly high sculpture and was trying to think of how to get down. Amy suggested I just jump...I said I didn't think I could make it. She urged me to. I did. The rest is painful history.

It's pretty obvious to me which is the fake one...but then, that's me ^^;; Please! Someone guess! I'd be interested to hear what people think have or haven't happened to me.

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