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So... today I got certified in CPR. I think. I'm pretty sure I passed. It took five hours.

Oi. That is a very, very long time. And we didn't really practice on the dummies too much. Though that was interesting. I think Andy named ours "Torso Tom". -__-;; Boys are odd.

And Mrs. F taught the course instead of our normal teacher. Her daughter is Logan, whom I have a little crush on. *smiles* We heard some Logan stories, which were cute. Logan is my incentive (along with numerous other cutesy, pretty girls) to go to class functions and vote in class elections and stuff. Her mom's also our class advisor and Logan does a lot of the student council... stuff.

And I thought about it a bit today and realized that I had a crush on a girl when I was in the fourth grade. Her name was... Briana. I think.

"Am I not 'turtle-y' enough for the Turtle Club? Turtle, turtle!"

That's the new thang. Kekekekeke...

kind of LJer are you?

You stash a sentence here, a paragraph there. There is no real method to your madness, you just make an entry whenever you have something to say, no matter how brief or obscure. You nut, you!

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