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I need some goddamned amusement

Fandom character you'd most like to...

...spend the rest of your life with in perfect bliss: Reeeeeeemus... *sighs*

...have an emotionally void but wicked hot one-night stand with: Harry P-p-p-p-potter!

...watch having an emotionally void but wicked hot one-night stand: Reeeeemus and Misssster Potter. Or Remus and Sev. Mmmhmmm.

...set up with your best friend: Jack from "The Tribe" because Stef would go bloody nuts. ^^;; Or get bored with him within the week.

...have as your best friend: Mmm... Lance Alvers. I don't care how much of a jerk-ass or a dork he can be... I like him!

...get wasted with: Vash the Stampede! XD

...employ as a live-in masseur: Detritus? Maybe not... (Ouch...) How about Pietro? Fast and hard...

...use as a human pillow: Sam Vimes. But the armor and chain-mail would have to come off first. Or Dan Rydell... he'd make a great pillow.

...bring home to meet the 'rents: Angua? Remus? We'd have a werewolf party.

...have as your sibling: Susan Sto-Helit. Totally and without question.

...tie up in your basement and kick when you're feeling frustrated: Sirius Black, Duo Maxwell (I'm sorry Duo fans!), Dana Whitaker, and Kitty Pryde.

...tie up in your bed and lick when you're feeling frustrated: Harry Potter. *smiles*

And "Sports Night" manages to have some of the most confusing fics in the known universe. *eyes dart around frantically* Wait! Shift? What shift? Stop! Hold! Who's speaking?

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