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Random musings on Internet friendship

Last entry today, I promise.

Ok. I'm probably one of the most annoying fans out there in the known universe. I bounce, continually, from fandom to fandom, starting things, doing stuff, having a blast.

And, almost as soon as I start, it seems like it's all over and I'm moving on. Which is fine by me, obviously, but tends to make other people pissy. Because I leave behind the ruins of fics and art and stuff. And fans can be greedy, even from other fans. Plus, I tend to leave the more obscure corners of the fandom, and they always hate losing people.

But what I hate losing, really really really hate losing, is the friendship. I mean, ok... it must be a pretty pathetic friendship if it hinges on one common interest, but it's still friendship. I mean, I was madly, totally in love with Zero as a friend and as more... but once I fell out of the Gundam Wing loop, our friendship deteriorated. It was sad.

Then again, I still like Everclear... and Amy and I are no longer friends. So that doesn't always matter. But, then again, that's a real-life relationship. One in which we saw each other everyday and did stuff on the weekends.

Then again, Stef and I are still great friends... and we have many common interests, but also many very, very different interests. When I pulled more out of theatre, we didn't stop speaking, even though that was one of the main things we had in common. And when she pulled more out of the art world, I didn't stop speaking to her. (Peace. Love. Durable friendship... and coffee!)

Anyway... I don't like losing friends. And, even if I no longer have something in common with a person, I still like keeping up with that person. I still ask about Amy. I still think about things I'd like to tell her. I still think about Zero and wish I could get a response from her.

Just because one or the other moves on to something new doesn't mean the friendship has to end. That's all.

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