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Saw "Road to Perdition"

It was good. Jude Law is a sexy mofo, even when he's playing the creepy scary guy.

There was this guy in "A Christmas Carol" at TCP when I was a freshman. We called him "Creepy Scary Guy". According to Mike (and Justin? Cannot remember) he is/was in jail for attempted rape. Do you remember, Sarah and Lindsay? Do ya, do ya, do ya?


Take the Disney Villain Test Now!!

Sneaky, sullen, and downright mean. That description certainly fits you. It's not a very nice person who sends their brother to a horrifyingly painful death. You'll do just about anything to get what you think you deserve. Problem is, if you had the power and respect you crave, you wouldn't be able to handle it. You talk a good game, but lack the skills needed to back it up.

Yeah, but I'm the bloody coolest (I didn't like the female choices... bah). So there. *hugs Scar* JeremyJeremyJeremy... mmmm.


Im not native to the western hemisphere, but that doesnt keep me from writing like a mofo. Using lots of figurative languange in my very grammatically precise works I remind most people of the famous authors of the Romantic Period.

What lame pick up line are you?

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