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I'm pissed...

But I'm happy too, which is one of the strangest things...

So...they kicked me out of the cartooning position on the Colonel (school paper).

Oh, they are *so* wishing they hadn't done that now... *evil grin* The guy that they kicked me off for?


Pardon me but... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fuck you! Look! This is what you get!

So everyone who needs a cartoon for their layout in not happy now. Except for Amy, who has some pretty high up connections...

*coughcough* Me.

I drew her a cartoon for the opinion article she wrote about boy scouts excluding gays (she is majorly against the boy scouts now, by the way. Dedicated liberal that she is). I thought it was a pretty good cartoon.

They want to soften it. Goddamn it...now, not only is my name going to be right next to a boy scout bashing article that I do *not* agree with, they're softening the cartoon I drew so that it won't offend anyone (mostly Democrats with waaaaay too much time on their hands and no sense of humor).

This pisses me off. I have half a mind just to pull it and say "No, I don't want you to use it now". Problem is that I also understand why they want to soften it. I don't agree, but I see their reasoning.

So all that's really left for me to do is let them alter it and just sit and stew in my own pissiness.

Plus, everyone acts like *I* should be the one who's glad that they want my art, when I personally couldn't give a damn either way. I just hate being replaced without good reason, which is what they did to me earlier this year. Fucking people... >.

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