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Oh, damn...

I've just had a rather awful (and yet strangely wonderful) bunny thrown directly at the sappy/evil part of my brain.

It's not the 'what' that's awful. No, actually, the story is quite nice and literary. Had in been thrown by any other fandom, any other couple, I would have been quite pleased. But... this... is... no! I didn't sign on for this!

Wait... I did... sometime last night when I joined that Discworld slash community.

It is taking over quite easily, isn't it? And rather loudly claiming that it boasts 20+ books in it's series, while Harry Potter has only four.

Damn... stupid... *grumblegrumble* Fine. Vimes/Vetinari to the general tune of this.

*wails* But it works so wee-eeelllllllll! *bashes head in with pitchfork* Stupid, stupid, stupid, a-MEN.

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