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BlackRose's bunnies...

Kind dumb of me, but hell did I find this funny. Just wanted it saved...

"Heh... no, the cait sith/my apprentice kitten is just used to getting it's own way.

Kitten: [imperious, waving a small paw] Meow!
Maul: Of course you need tuna... here, let me get that for you...

[kitten mind whammys... the fuzzy side of the force...] "

It's like when we did Character Dress-Up day for my theatre class, this one guy came as Obi Wan (actually, he'd totally forgotten about it...so he grabbed a sheet and a toy lightsaber and said he was Obi Wan). When questioned about his name, his home, etc by our teacher, he answered (and obviously you are supposed to answer as the character) with a wave of his hand and a the very subtle suggestion "You do not need to know that" The teacher waved her hand back and said, "Oh, yes I do!"

He also did a really cool leap from his desk while pulling out the lightsaber and brandishing it menacingly. I dunno, cause I missed it.

I went as Lestat de Lioncourt. *blush* Yeah, and I sucked at it too. But I had some majorly cool vampire fangs that actually scared a few people (when I smiled, believe it or not) and I borrowed a bud's super-nifty blck trenchcoat. It was fun... if a bit stupid of me. >.< I could've pulled off Gabrielle better...

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