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Something is seriously wrong with my sleep patterns. I was up until... 5? 5 in the morning? Yes, 5 o'bloody clock in the morning. And then I fell into restless sleep until ten. So... currently functioning on five hours of sleep or less. I went through yesterday on five or less.

I'm fucking perky! HA! Take that "universe" with your stupid "logic". You can't fool me. Foo'.

In other news:

As Harry, you are courageous, caring and adventurous. Although your intelligence may be fairly average, a talent in a particular area compensates for this. Although you are usually fairly friendly, you may at times by single-minded or moody. You have a certain tendency to disregard rules demonstrating your spontaneous nature. Although this may sometimes wind you up in trouble, you are a thoughtful conscientious person who is viewed as a strong leader.

Oh. That's nice.

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