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Yet another post at ezboard to some gay bashers...

Note: They used things like cutting oneself or attempted suicide as a comparison of what you don't do but know is wrong anyway. Not that I'm a major pundit on either subject, but I just thought that my two cents was needed.

*laughs bitterly*

Oh, it just gets worse and worse...

Do you think I should be given shock therapy because I like other girls? Am I less intelligent, less moral, or less human than you if I make love to someone of the same sex?

*mimics* Do you cut yourself? Have you ever tried to commit suicide? Reality check: these are both very private actions. Homosexuality, like heterosexuality or bisexuality, is a private matter, but also something to be shared with others who feel similarly. Gay men and women everywhere share what they feel and what they do with their partners. I would never, ever sit down and discuss technique with other self-mutilators or suicide-attempters. Good lord, what's the point? It's like sharing your private misery with other miserable people. And because, for me, cutting has to do with a whole jumble of personal emotions that I cannot articulate. I do not often like to bring it or (for a much longer time) depression into conversation.

Both of those actions offstem from mental disorders. Mental disorders. Crazy people. You might start off slow with mild depression and work your way into a full-blown frenzy of self-loathing. Do you know why? A chemical imbalance. A stupid chemical imbalance in your brain makes it so that you cannot control your emotions. That's why pills like Paxil and Prozac work...they level out those chemicals. According to one nurse, being depressed is almost like being diabetic, with saratonin replacing insulin.

Yes, I suppose that you could argue that homosexuality is a also a mental disorder. And maybe it is caused by a slight chemical shift. But there are plenty of people out there who are homosexual who are also perfectly well-adjusted, 'normal' people. Normal people who do not cut, who did not have terribly traumatic childhoods and crazy mothers. Who live their lives, go to work, vote, have sex, eat, sleep, breathe. Who have opinions and the same decision-making abilities you do.

Do solid people need evidence to know right from wrong?

You are mistaken...the answer is 'yes'. The evidence is that when we hurt ourselves (intentionally or unintentionally) it hurts and we bleed. The evidence is that death kills the brain and takes away the person. The evidence is that being forced to do something we don't like to do makes us feel uncomfortable or upset. The evidence isn't always in the specifics. Sometimes it's in the connections. The difference between a little scratch and the cut of a razor-blade is nill except for their seperate connotations. Both induce pain. One is innocent, while the other is undesireable.

I've never seen evidence that loving someone, in a healthy, non-codependant way, is harmful. I've never seen any evidence of people who are homosexual being any more violent, stupid, or morally wrong than any of the straight people I know.

And guess what? This damn thing probably fell on deaf ears...but so what? You are not me, you will never tell me what is right or wrong. You do not speak for every heterosexual person in the world, and I thank god...otherwise I'd be running into some big problems later on in life.

You are obviously an intelligent person. I'm sorry...for something.

I'm just not entirely sure what.

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