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Oh, yeah...

Art museum tomorrow for absolute sure! XD And Titanic exhibit at 9:30 in the morning. At least it's Titanic and not Holocaust, 'cause I bet I'd get all pissy and political on their ass if I had to go to that. And... uh... my dad would be maaaa-aaaaaad. So... Titanic. Nice and non-controversial.... that makes me sound extremely insensitive and I am fully aware of this fact.

And Tower City Mall! IhopeIhopeIhopeIhope! I want to go there. Seriously. I want to go to a pretty mall. Rampant consumerism at it's best. *bows with a flourish* I buy the books and the cartoon paraphanalia and she buys the clothes.

We have an agenda! That cracks me up... and Stef will be with us alllllll day, pretty much. Which means making up stories about various actors that all end with "And we shagged like rabbits". And being stupid. I like being stupid, as I am quite good at it.

Ought to remind her to bring the Post-It Notes! Mwahahahahah...

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