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I got my schedule in the mail today...

I know you're all fascinated...

1- Public Speaking 1
2- Art Portfolio 4 (I'm having 4 before I have 3? Ok...)
3- Choralworks
4- ? (I don't have a class... but I don't have a study hall either. I have nothing. Maybe I can put an EO there. If nothing else, I get a naptime period))
5- Lunch
6- AP Calculus
7- AP English
8- Latin

1- Nutrition and the Athlete (I need the gym credit)
2- Art Portfolio 3
3- Choralworks
4- Public Speaking 2
5- Lunch
6- AP Calculus
7- AP English
8- Latin

The Public Speakings are sort of placeholder classes. I needed something to fill in the space.

I will never have Short Story Writing. ;____; Bugger scheduling!

Can't believe this'll be my last year in the dungeon.

Can't believe I'll never have to worry about the bus again! XD

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