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I'm feeling very 'blah'. Very 'blah'.

Me: Wanna read something?
Also Me: No..
Me: Wanna draw some pixel pics?
Also Me: No...
Me: Wanna jump out in front of cars and sue the drivers?
Also Me: *thinks* No...

So, in other words, I'm feeling very blah. Hey, there's a mood icon for that! Fwee!

Part of the reason why I love Terry Pratchett:

From Jingo

"I believe you are about to say that the important thing about the business of weaponry is that it is a business."
"Er... yes."
"That, in fact, the weapons are for selling."
"Er... exactly"
"To anyone who wishes to buy them."
"Er... yes."
"Regardless of the use to which they are going to be put?"
"Pardon me? Of course. They're weapons."

I don't care whether he's being sarcastic or not; that's one of my basic arguments against gun control. *crows happily* Teeheehee.

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