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Cats get to go to the vet today...

That they do... *looks over at nearest feline* Yeah, you. You don't like it? Tough.

Am actually feeling a little mean, nasty, and above all stupid reading my last post. Yeah, obviously he's not making much of a drive for lack of gun control. But the point that gets made, at least when I read it, is that it's a business. Business... yes.

America, at least, is a country of free enterprise. Capitalism, yay... Sell whatever you want. You make weapons. Weapons are technically for blowing holes in living things. You could, theoretically, buy a gun with intent to make a flowerpot, but not many people do. But a gun is a commodity. You sell it. Why should the dealer be responsible in any way for actions of the consumer? I don't get it.

Bottom line being: you are not, in any way, in America, committed to selling something safe. You're commited to selling something that does what it is purchased to do. You buy bread to eat it; so you damn well better be able to eat it, i.e. it should be 'safe' to injest. You sell weapons, well they damn well better to be able to cause fatal injuries! Weapons are fundamentally unsafe. Would you make people buying bread get a background check? You could choke a person to death with it. Nothing is safe.

And you get rid of guns then, obviously, people using weapons would either a) develop a black market akin to drugs or b) begin using another weapon. Knives, anyone? Let's ban knives! Oh, that'll work. Watch out, I have a compass! It has a sharp, pointy bit! Oooh, I'm gonna get you!

Weapons are a symptom of general human unrest. Getting rid of the weapons will manifest the unrest elsewhere. You aren't getting rid of the problem; you're just covering the symptom.

Same thing with cigarettes. Perhaps they shouldn't market them directly to children... the same way pornography shouldn't be marketed to children. But, when it comes down to it, the cigarette industry is another business. It has a right to try to sell its product. And it is the consumer's responsibility to know what is bad for them. They voluntary breathe smoke into their lungs. That is the point of cigarettes. The people using them know this. How does this become the responsibility of the supplier? (And, yes, I am well-aware that people used to think cigarettes were harmless. That is not the case today and very obviously so. People do have the ability to quit smoking should they desire. They do.)

*feels very small* Hurrah for libertarianism.

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