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24 July 2001 @ 03:11 pm
It's too darn hot...  
God...It really is hot here... ::falls down dead:: Sometimes I like being hot, or at least don't mind it much, but today I am not happy being too warm. I've got the fan on high and I'm sitting here like a dehydrated slug. Urgh... >.< Hot as hell. And not in a good way. How does a funky backward state like Ohio get so hot anyway? And nowhere in Ohio is air-conditioned, especially not my house.
I just spent the past two hours talking to Ani on the phone...which is actually a little bit silly because we'll be seeing each other at play rehearsal in two hours anyway. Dumb, huh? But I think we had a good goofy time just talking about silly shit and giggling. A lot. Hahaha... ^____^;; We agree on the issues of backstage politics, i.e. we both want to stay out of it. Which is nice. We just have no idea what to do about it. Everybody seems to hate each other and we both have problems taking sides.
Theater sucks. But everybody wants me to stay with it. But I don't. It blows.
Hmm...other than that, not much happening. I'm just kinda hanging out during the day...spending time on the Internet and watching tv...and being hot. I gave Ryan another hug yesterday (mainly because I felt so guilty). The count continues to rise. I think I'm about half-way through my first Trigun fic and posted what I have done on the Trigun yaoi mailing list. Most people seem to...like it? Heh ^^;; I find that interesting because I haven't even seen the show yet (except for the first two minutes and thirty seconds of the dub that I downloaded). Ah well. Live and learn, huh? I hope that I'll be able to go down to Best Buy sometime this week, find the first DVD, and buy it. But that makes a lot of assumptions about things falling into place...I just hope they do, huh? Although I still have the first EVA DVD which has yet to be watched ^^;; My birthday present from two or three months ago.
For some reason I'm watching Ryan Stiles have a fake orgasm on 'Whose Line...?' O.O Eeep...
Ok...I like Ryan Stiles. ^____^ I like 'Whose Line...?' I like Tony and Colin also ^____^ Hell, I like all of 'em!
Hmmm...very little else to say. I think I'll go take a shower after 'Whose Line...?' is over so I don't go to rehearsal stinky. Good idea, huh?
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: 'Whose Line...?' theme music...again.