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First time on AIM in a long time...

Chatted with PsychoB. Some of it's funny...

DScull264: A friend and I play the "Big Word Game". Wherein, basically, you go back and forth and shoot big words at each other. You don't have to know what they mean... just so long as you can say them...
DScull264: So I call her up and say "Antediluvian." And she says "Perspicacity". And on it goes...
SMK7886: I could handle that... just solong as I didn't have to know what the hell they meant :D
SMK7886: How do you check to ensure they're really words?
DScull264: Oh no... we have no idea about half of them. At least.
DScull264: If it sounds like it's conceivably a word, it's a word...
SMK7886: But... they sound like they could be words?
DScull264: Yeah...
SMK7886: Nifty!
DScull264: We aren't all that picky.
SMK7886: ;D I'd imagine not, when the alternative is having to look them up
DScull264: Yup.

DScull264: My brain is a very, very shallow pool with lobsters in it.
SMK7886: ...Lobsters, you say?
DScull264: Big ones...
SMK7886: That could prove lucrative if you get in the the Red Lobster people
SMK7886: Big $$
SMK7886: I don't know what my brain is, but there's no seafood living in there
DScull264: I could give the Red Lobster people my brain-fish?
DScull264: I wouldn't function.

DScull264: And yeah... my real name happens to be Stephanie.
SMK7886: Nifty! Mine, too! XD
DScull264: Ahhh! I have found another one! I seem to keep meeting many many Stephanies... stupid sixth most popular girl name 1980s...
SMK7886: Didja know Nai's name's also Stephanie? This is creepy... like we're an Evo subculure race, and... that made no sense :D
SMK7886: T'was a popular one
DScull264: Subculture race! Seedy underbelly of... mwahahaha...
SMK7886: XD Of...?
DScull264: Of... yeesh, I dunno. Of something.

SMK7886: No one's gonna believe me when I tell 'em the almighty, elusive DrWorm actually contacted me... nuts.
DScull264: Ha... I'm a fandom hermit.
SMK7886: That's not something to lauhg about, little missy!
DScull264: Well, I'm trying to be better. Really I am...
SMK7886: Hermitude's baaaad!
DScull264: So they say.
SMK7886: Really you are... not loging onto AIM more than a half-dozen times a year... suuuure.
SMK7886: And damn, my fingers aren't cooperating with me and whacking all of the wrong keys today!
DScull264: Hey! I could never log on to AIM. I'm just... immensely scatterbrained. I forgot I even had it on computer. I went to download it again and the computer politely informed me that, no, I already have it.
SMK7886: <-- Brain fried
DScull264: <-- Brain atrophied to jelly.
SMK7886: Seriously? O.o
DScull264: Yup...
SMK7886: <-- What brain?
DScull264: <-- Snickers
SMK7886: <-- Sirks
DScull264: <-- Lobsters

SMK7886: Eh, redundancy gets the point across
DScull264: Often more than once.

SMK7886: I'm baaaad with children
DScull264: Yeah, I'm not exactly a kid magnet either.
SMK7886: Tis a good thing, though.
DScull264: I figure I'll be all career driven and will survive without breeding...
DScull264: It is a very good thing. Arrgh, small children...
SMK7886: Lest they have a naturally affinity for you and climb up your legs to claw at your uppermore regions
DScull264: Yes... exactly...
SMK7886: I try to tell myself not ot do it, but I know I will. Somehow, one'll slip past me
DScull264: They're cute and all, but... I have cats. I have no need for something small and fluffy that I can hug because I have it already.
SMK7886: That's like my bunnies :D
SMK7886: They're small and cuddly-soft when I want them, buit when I don't they sit there

DScull264: And I was happy to see Colossus, because it (should) spell the end for Lance/Kitty...
SMK7886: ::hisses at Lancitty::
SMK7886: That never made sense anyway, seeing as Lance is gay :D
DScull264: Yes, very bad Lancitty that frightens me...
SMK7886: Indeed
DScull264: Yes! Lance is... like... a lipstick lesbian, except in reverse. Uh...
SMK7886: Um... O.o

SMK7886: I'll force them to take my HTML, or the will perish in the same fiery hell of which the KidsWB! staff will
DScull264: Ah... that'll be a big firey hell you'll need then...
SMK7886: Yep... I'll have to get Mor on that, too, scoping out a nice big place for it
DScull264: Cavernous... fiery of course... cheap, but with promise for growth.
SMK7886: Yes!
SMK7886: Perhaps YOU should be the real estate dive
SMK7886: diva*
DScull264: Ehhh... >_> My mum's a secretary at a real estate office... I've been picking up the lingo.
DScull264: That doesn't mean I actually know anything, however.
SMK7886: Pfffft -- I was a receptionist for Coldwell Banker for over a year... it's lame.
DScull264: Still... stalamites... hmmm...
DScull264: *stalagmites
SMK7886: I was the girl they all hated because I'd phone at 8am... hehehe
DScull264: Haha... you show 'em...
SMK7886: Are those the pointy rock things?
DScull264: Yeah. Stalactites hang from the... ceiling. Stalagmites grow outta the ground.
DScull264: And we'd need a plage of toads... or a plague of Todd, whichever is more convenient.
SMK7886: I wasn't aware there was a difference... damned cheesy science classes!
SMK7886: Todd'll work
DScull264: "Remember: stalagmites might hang from the ceiling, but they don't."
DScull264: Plague of Todd and other cancerous... uh... vehicles!
SMK7886: >.O
DScull264: No cancerous vehicles?
SMK7886: I think Todd's mildly offended
SMK7886: No, no, cancer cars gooood
DScull264: Oooh... maybe if we changed it to "Todd accompanied by cancerous vehicles?"
SMK7886: That was a crap abbreviation on my part
SMK7886: That'll work :D
DScull264: *snickers* Cancer cars rule.
SMK7886: XD
DScull264: They're actually, like, crab cars...

SMK7886: Don't make me get all ass-kickity on your... ass
DScull264: Yes, yes, yes... I shall do my best!
SMK7886: Eeeeeexcellent.
DScull264: Oh no! Not the ass-kickity!
SMK7886: XD YES ass-kickity!
SMK7886: I so will, too
DScull264: I'll be good.

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